Peter "Hal" Rice was born in 1949 in Lewistown MT, lived on a farm & ranch south of Denton MT, and attended all 12 years of school there. Hal was a Cub Scout and Boy Scout., played football and wrestled in high school. After high school he attended Helena Vo-Tech taking 2 years for diesel mechanics and 1 year machine shop. At this time Hal joined the 159th Army Reserve and went to Fort Ord CA for basic and AIT.

Hal purchased a repair shop in Denton and transferred to the 889

th in Lewistown serving 7 years and got out of the military. Sold his shop and operated the Farmers bar in Denton. In this time, he got married and divorced then married the love of his life, Monica. Hal had 4 kids, losing his 8 year old daughter in a house fire.

Hal and Monica sold the bar and moved to Geraldine where he reenlisted in the 889

th Army Reserve in 1984 and was sent to Germany for Reforger. Hal was voted as soldier of the year for the 889th. The 889th were sent to Honduras for a Water Purification mission. At this time he went to work for Central Montana Co-Op as fuel truck driver. In 1990 he was activated and sent to Fort Carson and then to Saudi for Desert Shield and Desert Storm where he was to do Water Purification, Class 1 food distribution and a fuel missions. The mission for water was lost and Hal had just been promoted to SSG and one was needed for class 1 site so he volunteered to work there. His unit was set up at point where our army made the big sweep down into Iraq and supplied millions of meals and fuel.

Returning home Hal transferred to the 651

st in Great Falls for promotion to SFC. The 651st was then sent to Salt lake so he transferred back to the 159 CSG in Helena MT. Here Hal was promoted to 1SG and then he was sent to JRTC at Fort Polk. Hal retired from the Army Reserve in 1998 and went into IRR and received his final discharge in 2009.

Hal has been an American Legion member for 30 years and have been Post Commander, District 8 Commander, North Central Zone Commander and Department of Montana Vice Commander. Hal is currently Post 102 Adjutant.



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