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Happy President's Day weekend from Mission Control!!!
It's been a MUCH better week all the way around.  Although my surgery turned into quite an event (30 minutes turned to 3 hours!) I'm healing and getting back in the swing of things.  Ron's surgery was postponed two weeks and while it's bittersweet, I'm thankful.  His opinion is of course the opposite.  Now scheduled for March 2.  Thank you for the sweet notes, cards, texts and calls.  I am blessed for sure...
BUSY BUSY BUSY week at Mission Control.  Several units got caught up and one day in particular I posted 64 memberships!  That should bring us up in the ranks, but more importantly they are valued members who are renewing.
Time to pull out the big envelope you got from convention last year and dig those blue statement reminder cards out.  Write a note to your stragglers and remind them we need them and you care about them.
Some general reminders - at the risk of being repetitive and giving you too much info so you don't think you need to attend meetings...........
Convention registrations (both national and department) are in the Service Star you received a couple weeks ago.  You can also find the info on the mtlegion.org website.
You will be required to present your membership card at our future meetings - meaning Convention and Fall Conference.  Districts should plan to start asking for them at the Spring meetings and get back into the habit of requiring proof of membership.  Why?  We have ladies showing up and speaking on issues being debated on the floor - when in fact the memberships were delinquent and they should not have had any time on the floor. We're trying to conform with a very good protocol issue. 
The raffle is down a bit from this time last year - have you sent your tickets and money yet?  My bucket isn't nearly as full as it should be or HAS been before.
How's the piggy bank look??  Full enough to absorb the dues increase if you haven't voted yet to raise yours?  Remember you will begin remitting $20 per member when the new (2018) notices come out in August.  Act now ladies before it's too late to get the notices printed with the correct info.  MAY 1ST DEADLINE ON THAT.
I will be sending the forms soon and ask you get them back ASAP obviously.  I don't want to make any mistakes on this report to national.
The District meetings are getting into full swing.  Please plan to attend!  Your host units put a great deal of thought and careful planning into them and the information is always important.  I visited all but 3/8 last fall and am not intending to travel again this spring but if you need materials please let me know.
Remember the Emergency Fund project.  Get those aprons and hot pads raffled/sold/auctioned off and pad your treasury as well as our fund.  Thank you for enjoying the projects with me.  Every little bit counts and will help someone in need - and there will ALWAYS be someone in need unfortunately.  If you recall, Fran Allen (Finance Chairman) and Terry Kemp (Department 2nd Vice-President, District 7 President and Community Service Chairman) are awarding a special gift to the largest donor to the project.  Don't miss out.
Now - drumroll - look at the GREAT numbers on our chart this week.  Keep it up ladies - you're doing a fantastic job. 
Hugs and prayers for your coming week.


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