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On Friday June 16, 2017 at 7:00 pm

To welcome Virginia Nelson, NW Division Nat VP

In the Lower Commons at Carroll College

Virginia will be the Key Note Speaker for the closing

of the 69th ALA Montana Girls State Session.

Virginia's theme is

“For God and Country”

This is the first time Virginia has visited Montana so let’s give her a Big Sky Welcome

If you would like to join us for dinner at 6:00 pm.

The cost will be $15.00 a plate.

Please RSVP

I need a count for both the dinner and the session by June 9th so Carroll College will have time for food prep and to set up extra seating.

Please call or email me at:

370-6492 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Jennifer Herman, Girls State Chairman


Happy Saturday everyone - and Happy Mother's Day tomorrow to all for whom it applies.  I plan to take a drive with Ron and maybe catch some pictures of the cherry blossoms on the east shore.  You cannot help but thank God for such gorgeous creations.

   Lots and lots to report so here we go.

.  DLNC in Indianapolis was tremendous.  I know Terry and Kathy got a great deal from it as well.  Continued prayers to Terry as she recovers from pneumonia AND influenza B.  She came home a very sick girl and landed immediately in the hospital.  She's home and under Randy's care now.

.  What an honor and privilege to be sitting in the audience when National Commander Charles Schmidt was escorted to the podium to address us - about 150 of us in fact.  He obviously thanked us all for our part in the family - however he went on to talk about the young people - SAL and Junior ALA members who are the future of this organization. 

    He stated, "I just returned from a visit to Geraldine Montana.  Geraldine has never had a National Commander visit.  They came out in force.  Young and old alike and the young people sang patriotic songs.  I had a horse-drawn honor guard.  I am humbled." 

    He had a lot more to say but his message was directed at the good work done by small groups.  Congratulations Geraldine - Commander Hal, 1st Lady and District 8 President Monica, and the hard-working family in that area.  You made us all very proud.

   REPORTS!!!!!!!  Ouch.  I know.  But you're not listening.  They are due.  They WERE due for the most part by April 15.  What happened?  We know you did the work.  Why don't you report on it?  And it's not new stuff - we do this every year.  I'm still waiting on several units for the annual officer reporting form and mention of dues increase.  Color me "Blue in the face."  And yes - National told us when they're going to increase the dues so it's coming.  We have one year..;.  Did we raise ours enough and did YOU?

   CONVENTION is just over a month away.  Reservations?  Plans?  Tickets?

   GIRLS STATE is JUST a month away.  Did you get Jennifer all the information and money?????  Can you help?  Call Jennifer.  Did you reserve your place for the banquet for NW Division NVP Virginia's presentation?  At the DLNC they pounded it into our thick heads we need to recruit in new places.  Why not a college campus and Girls State?????  Show our unity and strength by attending this special event. 

   RAFFLE tickets are still available - right up until the banquet at Convention in Billings.  Even just ONE... 

   The copier is whirring in the background with the preparations for convention and the materials I need to put in your Secretary and membership packet.  IF YOU WANT IT MAILED CONTACT ME NOW SO IT GOES INTO A SEPARATE PILE.  I will mail but you will be charged accordingly for the postage.  Plan on around $5 - $6 at least.  And a final reminder about the new members.  If you sent that info to me AFTER April 8 they will not have a 2018 membership card and they will not be listed on your roster.  Keep the information handy and write it on right away when you get your packet.  Also - JUNIORS DO NOT RECEIVE RENEWAL NOTICES OF ANY KIND.

   Another thing they brought up at DLNC was that they've added a telephone number on the Membership Renewal Forms that are emailed out.  They were astounded at how many women called to say, "I paid months ago - my check was cashed - I don't have my card."  Lively discussions ensued about membership chairman hanging onto those memberships too long.  This simple addition of the NHQ phone number brought the problem to the forefront.  Don't get caught doing this ladies.  Your chairman description in the blue member handbook clearly states you are to remit at a MINIMUM of every 30 days.

   Speaking of member handbooks and that revision????  "They'll be done when they're done."  So 2014 is still the most current edition available and I have about 10 here for those of you who wanted more.  Obviously I'm keeping the supply low in hopes the newer version will be out this year.  Yes - they went out of print for a period of time but are available again.  Until the revision is complete.  Whenever that will be.  You know what I know.

   There were 17 memberships waiting when I returned from Indy - but nothing else the rest of the week.  Let's finish those up ok?  I have to cut the convention totals off on MAY 23 - as does Gary on the Legion side.  Your voting eligibility and strength is determined by that total so SEND THEM TODAY.  If you are below 10 you do not have a vote at convention.  Don't let that happen.  And on that same note, REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR MEMBERSHIP CARD with you.  Our Credentials team, headed by Lani Caron will be required to check your card.  Members in arrears will not be permitted on the convention floor and certainly would not have a vote.

   I'll wrap it up for this week but know it's a very busy time here and your cooperation is VERY much appreciated. 

   Much love - God Bless you all...


Kathy Long DLNC Report

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